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Compact Scarifier FC-20

FC-20 Chopper (Engine Type)

FC-20 Chopper (Engine Type)
Model FC-20
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1120 × 447 × 942 (mm)
Weight 87kg
Working width 200mm
Working depth Flexible adjustment
Engine Air-cooled 4-strock
Honda Engine
Engine Displacement 270cm³


A compact design and powerful machine.

A compact design and powerful performance in working at narrow passage, tight areas, or site with many obstacles.

Use at ease, excellent maneuverability.

Easy to handle and operate, flexible adjust working depth up to 5mm. Includes break system to reduce operation burden and emergency safety switch.

A sliding changing drum system.

A simple and easy sliding system allows easy access for quick drum changes.

Connectable with dust collector V-2.

Connect dust collector V-2 with a 7mm hose connector to provide a comfortable and dustless working environment.

Dual Head Type V-2
Dual Head Type V-2

Construction cases of FC-20

Cutters for FC-20

  • 6P Cutter
  • F Cutter