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Single Disc Grinder K-30N

K-30N (Engine Type)

Model K-30N
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1280 × 415 × 897 (mm)
Weight 98 kg
Grinding Width 300 mm
Max. Output 4.8kW (6.5HP)
Continuous Rated Output 3.7kW (5.0HP)
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline
Dust Collector Specification
Motor 1kW
Max. Wind Power 3m³ / min
Dust Tank Capacity 15L
Required circuit 100V × 10A220V x 5A
Power Cord 20 ×(1.25mm² × 3 core)


Accomplish an ideal concrete surface

Due to a close contact on concrete surface while grinding, it provides extremely high grinding efficiency without any remainder left.
Variety cutters are provided to use freely for grinding surface and removing coating.

Easy dust disposing

Attached with dust collector for dust-control and realize a comfortable working environment.
A sand bag set can be installed inside the machine for easy dust disposing.

Cutters for K-30

  • Block Tip
  • Super Dia  Hard
  • Super Dia (Standard)
  • Super Dia  Soft
  • Dia Cutter [GOLD]
  • Dia Cutter [SILVER]
  • Dia Cutter [BLUE]
  • Dia Cutter [GREEN]
  • Dia Cutter [BROWN]
  • Dia Cutter [FINE]
  • Pin Cutter
  • Tip Cutter (Dia Tip)
  • Insert Cutter [SD Tip]
  • Insert Cutter [S Tip]
  • スーパーカッター
  • スーパーカッター