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Porche K-20E

K-20E Porche

Model K-20E Porche
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1036 × 408 × 894 (mm)
Weight 42 kg
Grinding Width 200 mm
Motor 1kW × 4P
Power Single phase 100V x 14A
Single phase 220V x 5A
Attachment Hose connector of V-1 Dust Collector


Super compact and lightweight with only 42kg !

light weight with only 42kg! It is portable and lightweight with only 42kg for easy operation and transportation.
Easily carry up and down at stairs of construction site without using any power gate or crane.

Connectable with V-1 dust collector

connectable with v-1 Dust Collector An exclusive joint is provided for dust collector to closely attach with the machine to prevent hose hindering and for better maneuverability.

New innovated reversible plate

New innovated reversible plate Different usage of cutters (grind & cut) can be installed on both sides of the reversible plate. It is easy for cutter changing and highly improves the operation efficiency.

Possible to reach 0mm grinding up against the wall

Possible to reach 0mm grinding up against the wall By just take off the side cover and rotate the rear wheel 15゚, enable to grind up to 0mm from wall edge.

Cutters for K-20E Porche

  • Block Dia  Hard
  • Block Dia  Standard
  • Block Tip
  • Reversible Plate
  • Sanding Papers