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Cutters/Tools for Floor Grinder K-20E Porche

K-20E Porche Cutters

Prepared with high quality cutters for various kind of applications!

Block Tip

Cutting Type

Block Tip Removes damaged thin layer and adhesives of subfloors.
Cutting concrete surface and oil sludge.

Block Dia HARD

Grinding Type (Coarse)

Block Dia  Hard Roughening hard concrete and hard resin floor; leveling uneven surface.


Grinding Type (Normal)

Block Dia  Standard Roughening concrete and mortar floors; removing laitance/trowel marks, and raindrop marks after laying concrete.

K-20E Porche Plate

A plate which can install cutters on the both sides.

Reversible Plate

Reversible Plate Reversible type; can be used in both sides.

Cutting Type: Block Tip available
Grinding Type:
  • Block Dia HARD (Coarse) available
  • Block Dia STANDARD (Normal) available

Sanding and Polishing Pads

LINAX sanding papers provides excellent performances !!

Sanding Pads

Sanding Papers 5 selective types from grit #16 to #120

Non Woven Polishing Pads

Non Woven Polishing Pads Suitable for removing dirt, or flash of concrete surface (#60, #120)

Pad Plate

Sanding Paper Plate Special made plate for installation of sanding and polishing pads.