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Create Machines Friendly to Human and Environment

Messafe from President In this 21st century, the industry of restoration and reconstruction services is expanding rapidly. In this wide range of industry from large building renovation to just floor surface reformation, not only existing building reconstruction technical methods, variety of construction technical methods which correspond to environment and new performance demand are being developed and employed.

Since the establishment of Linax Co., Ltd. as a developer and manufacturer of floor surface preparation machines, has innovated and produced variety of excellent products which ergonomically, safety and durability, cost-effectively, and to improve job environment.

The first jobsite principle “Friendly to Human and Environment” which is the most important issue for development, we has been doing all sorts of research and technical development to meet diversified requirements on site, ceaselessly advancing floor materials, new finishing technical methods. In Japan, our company is a leading manufacturer doing research and development of floor surface preparation, developing general surface preparation technique system “Linax Technical Method”, which nowadays widely used by many users.

In addition, we are the first to achieve the qualification of ISO9001 (International Quality Management System) as a surface preparation machines manufacturer, and to promote the supply of high quality and confidence LINAX products to the world widely.

In today’s rapidly advancing and changing community, the issue “Human Friendly and Earth Friendly” are required to accomplish. Focusing on the solution of this issue, each of LINAX staff keeps striving to approach the goal to create products with flexible mind –set and advanced technical development. In future, “Scientificalize Floor” mission of Linax, challenges to be the world No.1 manufacturer of surface preparation machines. Last but not least, Linax sincerely hopes to receive more guidance, supports and encouragement from all our beloved users.

Thank you and best regards,

Katsuhiko Oishi
President (CEO)