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Removal of adhesives (white glue)


Condition of floor surface before surface preparation. Condition of floor surface before surface preparation.

Removes adhesives (white glue) of residues on the surface after PVC tile removed.

Preparation Method:

Floor Grinder K-60 Floor Grinder K-60

Apply Tip Cutter for cutting surface preparation. It also provides high performance for removing black glue or latex type adhesives.

Apply cutter with:

Tip Cutter (Dia Tip)
Base Plate/Tip Cutter (Dia Tip)

Applicable machine:


  • 80~120m²/hour; 4~5hrs/set
  • *** The working performance or the cutter consumption may be carrying out differently according to the conditions of flooring materials, floor hardness, adhesiveness and etc at the job sites. ***


If the surface material is epoxy resin adhesive, Super Dia Standard is better to use for the whole grinding process preparation because the adhesive does not clog the grinding disc and the cutter will also help to smoothen the surface while removing the material.