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Removal of urethane thick layer


Removes hard urethane layer (thickness: 3.0mm). Floor Grinder K-20E

Removes hard urethane layer (thickness: 3.0mm).

Preparation Method:

Floor Grinder K-60 Floor Grinder K-45 (Old Model)

Apply insert cutter, SD Tip, to cut and remove the urethane layer. If urethane debris cannot be totally collected by the attached dust collector, then lift up the rubber skirt to only absorb dust to avoid scattering.

Apply cutter with:

Insert Cutter [SD Tip]
Insert Cutter [SD Tip]

Applicable machine:


  • 50~70m²/hour;
  • 4~5hrs/set
  • *** The working performance or the cutter consumption may be carrying out differently according to the conditions of flooring materials, floor hardness, adhesiveness and etc at the job sites. ***


If to remove extremely soft urethane coating such as water-proof materials, S Chip may probably perform better effective cutting for the preparation.